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Manipur is a land of festivals, merriment and mirth all the year round. A year in Manipur presents a
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Manipur, a little Shangrila located in North-East India, is a Jewel of India. This little corner is
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Manipur is an essential constituent of the "seven-sister states" of Indian union and specialty custo
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Manipur CM Visits Ukhrul For The First Time
Manipur CM Mr Biren Visited Ukhrul for the first time after taking charge.He recieved very warm welc


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Shopping, Zoos, Gardens, History, and more. The city of Imphal is the capital of Manipur. The ruins of the Palace of Kangla, the royal seat of the erstwhile Kingdom of Manipur, are in the city centre, surrounded by a moat. One of the major landmarks of Imphal, the Kangla Fort is on the banks of the Imphal River, and is also known as the Palace of Kangla. Kangla means "dry land" in the Meitei language. The fort was the palace of King Pakhangba, and also has religious significance. In the fort are a number of temples, and it is surrounded on three sides by a lake. Read more


Lakes and Fishing. Loktak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India, and is famous for the phumdis (heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matter at various stages of decomposition) floating over it. Keibul Lamjao is the only floating national park in the world. It is located near Moirang in Manipur. The etymology of Loktak is Lok = "stream" and tak = "the end". The largest of all the phumdis covers an area of 40 km2 (15 sq mi) and is situated on the southeastern shore of the lake. Read more


History, Lakes, Museums, Culture. Historically, the town of Moirang is famous for the ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity, Lord Thangjing and the minor love story of "Khamba Thoibi". The Month long Lai Haraoba festival held between mid May to June originated from Moirang. The graceful Khamba-Thoibi dance also originated here at Moirang. In ancient times, the king of Moirang was considered as the most powerful among the seven clan kings of Manipur. Till the end of Khamba-Thoibi era the Burmese King paid the annual war reparations money to the Moirang king. Read more


Ukhrul District is best known for the Shirui lily (Lilium mackliniae Sealy), which is found in its natural habitat on the peak of Shirui Kashong. At the same time, Ukhrul is a land of beautiful mountains interspersed by numerous tribal inhabitants echoing with the rhythms of tribal cultures and rich wild life. This virgin land has enchanting calls to people who love to spend time in tranquility. Besides the serene environment, the ways of life of the simple and friendly tribals who have been known for generations for their honesty and integrity leave one spellbound. Read more


Waterfalls, Lakes, Orchids and more.. While the Tamenglong District consists of virgin forests, exotic orchids, rare and endangered plants, and wildlife. The forests can be grouped as tropical evergreen forest, subtropical forest and bamboo brakes. The dense tropical evergreen forests are located along the sides of rivers flowing in the district. Tamenglong is called the land of the hornbill. Great pied hornbill (Buceros bicornis homrai), Indian pied hornbill (Anthracoceros malabaricus malabaricus) species are found here. Read more


Considered a holy land thanks to the many temples located here, Bishnupur, is one of the most frequented cities in Manipur for both its natural beauty and places of worship. Vishnu Temple at Bishnupur is a 15th-century temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Also, Bishnupur was one of the sites of the World War II where fierce fightings between the Allied Forces and the Japanese Forces took place. Read more

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