Manipur : Languages

Since Manipur boasts of a diverse land with different ethnicities and probably each ethnicity carrying a slightly varying language and dialect, there are a number of languages and dialects spoken in Manipur. Official language of Manipur is Meitei/Meiteilon which is also known as Manipuri.

Along with Meiteilon, Thadou/Kuki, Tangkhul, Paite, Hmar, Lushai speakers constitue a large percentage across Manipur and all these 6 languages are recognized as medium of instruction upto Standard V in the schools, while Meiteilon is taught upto Post Graduation.

While English too is used in Manipur officially, the dialects Kabui, Poumai, Bengali, Hindi, Vaiphei, Liangmai, Maring, Anal, Zou, Kom, Gangte, Simte, Moyon, Monsang are some of the languages spoken in Manipur. Other than above, there are 29 different dialects which are in use in Manipur.

Meiteilon script which is Meitei Mayek, is written with the Manipuri alphabet (or Meetei Mayek), with the Bengali alphabet, and with the Latin alphabet. Old Manipur alphabets were developed during 11th century which remained in use until 18th century.

In general, the following trend prevails in Manipur as communication medium. Following four languages are in practice to communicate in Manipur.

Native Tribal Dialect