Bamboo Dance

The Lushais of Churachandpur perform a beautiful dance called Bamboo dance. It is performed by girls. The costume of the dancer is colourful. The long skirt up to the feet, is a colourful combination of horizontal and vertical stripes. The block carry geometric designs of varied colours. The head-dress is unique. A ribbon of bamboo strip encircles the head with plumes adjusted around. At the back of the head the ribbon carries a horizontal rod like a bob kin with strings hanging down. The dancers perform the dance by lightly jumping over the bamboo sticks.

The bamboo sticks are placed horizontally in parallel spacing over the vertically placed bamboo sticks to form criss-cross. Two women, each sitting on one side, slide the horizontal bamboo sticks over the vertically placed bamboo sticks on the ground, matching the rhythm of the music. The striking of the sticks with each other at regular intervals also produces a tempo. The dancers adjust rhythmic helps of their feet according to the music.