About us

Manipur Now is a unique collective of people and for the people of Manipur, of India and the world who adores the very mother nature of this piece of land, its unique culture and traditions. We invite and welcome you! Join Manipur Now!

The Initiative

The Manipur Now is grateful and indebted to some great folks from across Manipur and India for their love for the Nature, Culture and Land of Manipur while we are in receipt of a volume of majestic visuals, moments, photographs, content and assistance relating Manipur from them.

And so some great Manipuris who have extended their precious help and inputs. "Manipur Now" is actually a larger collective of people. The portal is in extensive development and it's just a token - a quick tribute for a moment. While the "Manipur Now" is in its maiden version now, the portal offers updates regularly and facilitated with consistent and useful contributions.

The Team

The initiative comprises of few scholars, enthusiasts, and volunteers. And it is our constant endeavor to cater useful information from time to time. It is our endeavor to reach up to the deserving beneficiaries, be them natives and land's own people, the citizens, the tourists and travelers from around the country and the world. Once again, we welcome you to this beautiful land, the Jewel of India, the land of colors, cultures and festivals.

Top Contributors

Chand Moirang
This is a tribute by me, Chand Moirang and some like minded friends to the beauty and culture of the land of festivals, Manipur. My hobbies and passion include photography, studying cultures, traveling, music, writing, documentation, community welfare, and, environment conservation, to name a few.